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The B2 Business Vantage Preparation Guide contains extra articles and the complete BEC Exam Guide for all parts of the B2 Business Vantage Exam.

You will receive:

Three extra articles which do not and will not appear on the website.

1. How to manage your time in the B2 Business Vantage Reading Exam.

This article will improve your chances of passing the reading exam by helping with selecting the best order to answer the questions in order to maximise your points. It will teach you a different way to prepare and includes two suggested orders to answer the questions in the reading exam.

2. How to write successfully in Writing Part 2 focusing on how to write a report.

The article explains and analyses the way Cambridge English mark and score the writing exams and uses several examples. Understanding what Cambridge English expect from you can help you adapt your writing to match their requirements.

3. Essential Grammar for the Speaking Exam.

A guide to the most appropriate and useful ways to use the three present tenses and other grammar in the Cambridge English Business exam speaking test.


  • all the information on the website for your exam in PDF ebook format. It has easy, quick navigation using the contents page (no more clicking on different links and moving to new website pages). This is perfect for offline use and to have with you when doing practice tests.
  • All the articles connected with exam preparation currently on the website and free updates to your book when relevant exam articles are added.
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B2 Business Vantage Preparation Guide by the BEC Exam Guide.

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