C1 Business Higher (BEC Higher)


One hour and ten minutes. 

25% of the exam.

C1 Business Higher (BEC Higher)

Writing Part One. Time: 25-30 minutes.

The Task

You are given some information in the form of a graph, table, or pie chart. The task is to analyse the data and write a short report about it – sometimes you are asked to write an email/memo.

You have to write 120-140 words.

Guide to the Task

This is a relatively straightforward task but it can be tricky because there are no specific points to be made. The task is to interpret and report the information shown visually in a clear and concise manner. The task usually involves reporting changes shown in the data shown. If the task is to write an email/memo, you still need to write a report.

You can download an example of Writing Part One here.


  • Read the context shown in the first line below the question number, and highlight the keywords.

  • Read the task.

  • Look at the image shown carefully making sure that you understand what is being shown. Refer to the key if one is provided.

Cambridge English C1 Business Higher (BEC Higher) Writing Part 1
  • Plan your report. It is advisable to explain the information shown in the same order as it appears in the exam question. This helps you to structure your short report.
  • Introduce the report with a short sentence, for example. This report shows/explains/outlines…

  • Describe and explain the significance of the data. It is usually important to compare and contrast the information shown, so it is useful to use contrast linkers, such as, although, however, in contrast, on the other hand.

  • Finish the report with a short conclusion.

Check how many words you have used.


Now that you understand how to maximise your score for the C1 Higher Writing Part 1, you are now ready to start learning how to prepare to succeed in Part 2.

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