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This page will give you information, advice and links to resources that will help you to practice and develop your skills.

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B2 Business Vantage Preparation Guide by the BEC Exam Guide.

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Be Guided – To pass the exam you have to understand it.

The B2 Business Vantage Preparation Guide containing extra articles and the complete BEC Exam Guide for all parts of the B2 Business Vantage Exam.

You will receive:

  • Three exclusive articles which do not and will not appear on the website.
  1. How to manage your time in the B2 Business Vantage Reading Exam. This article will improve your chances of passing the reading exam by helping with selecting the best order to answer the questions in order to maximise your points. It will teach you a different way to prepare and includes two suggested orders to answer the questions in the reading exam.
  2. How to write successfully in Writing Part 2 focusing on how to write a report. The article explains and analyses the way Cambridge English mark and score the writing exams and uses several examples. Understanding what Cambridge English expect from you can help you adapt your writing to match their requirements.
  3. Essential Grammar for the Speaking Exam – a guide to the most appropriate and useful ways to use the three present tenses and other grammar in the Cambridge English Business exam speaking test.
  • Plus all the information on the website for your exam in PDF ebook format. It has easy, quick navigation using the contents page (no more clicking on different links and moving to new website pages). This is perfect for offline use and to have with you when doing practice tests.
  • All the articles connected with exam preparation currently on the website.

The BEC Exam Guide recommends The Book Depository for Cambridge English Business Exam related books because they deliver WORLDWIDE and for FREE, and often have discounts. Payment is simple and secure either by Paypal or credit card.

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The BEC Exam Guide only recommends resources which it has used successfully and are useful to help you pass the exam.

This page contains affiliate links to resources. If you buy a book then the BEC Exam Guide may receive a commission but the price is the same for you.

If you find the website useful please consider buying resources with the links because commissions received help pay for the website.

These books, also containing past exams are available from the Book Depository.

Available with The Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Be Prepared – To pass the exam you need to prepare for it.

This book will help you pass the exam because it is written by Cambridge English the people who design your exam. It provides exam candidates with the skills, vocabulary and grammar they need to succeed in the exam.

The main units are devoted to Business English topics, and all practice exercises are similar to the tasks in the exam. It includes separate grammar and writing sections as well as section which analyses at each part of the Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Exam with useful vocabulary and exam-style practice exercises.  

Unfortunately, the CDs for the listening exercises are sold separately. They are an important part of the coursebook but at an extra cost. Click here.

Available with Orell Füssli in Switzerland – the website is in German only. Click here for the book and here for the CDs.

B1_B2_Business Vocabulary In Use
Available with The Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Business Vocabulary in Use is a Cambridge University Press book full of vocabulary that will help you to feel confident going into the exam. I have used it successfully as for homework exercises and it is an excellent self-study book.

It is topic based so you can select the areas you need to improve first and then work on revising the vocabulary you are familiar with. It provides explanations, practices and answers to ensure you boost your vocabulary.

It is appropriate for both B1 and B2 levels.

Available with Orell Füssli in Switzerland – the website is in German only. Click here.

Cambridge English Business 5 Vantage Self-study
Available with The Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. This is the most recent book.

Practice Make Perfect – To pass the exam you need to practice it.

If you want to improve your score and use this website’s guide well, l, then you will need to practice and practice and practice. With this book, you can use the procedures in the BEC Exam Guide to improve your techniques and your score.

This is an official book from Cambridge with four past exam papers with all the 4 parts of the exam including the CD for the listening parts. It has answers too so you can check how well you have done. If you made any mistakes you can also use the answers to understand why your answer is incorrect.

Available with Orell Füssli in Switzerland – the website is in German only. Click here.

Online resources

Practice Reading Parts 1-4 online.

Reading Part 1 Reading Part 2 Reading Part 3 Reading Part 4

General Resources useful for exam preparation and for your professional lives, can be found here.

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