Online English Lessons

with the BEC Exam Guide.

Exam stress

Cambridge Exam Preparation 

Online £50 per hour. B1 – C1 

Would you like expert help with your exam preparation from the BEC Exam Guide? 
I can help with Business English Exams and also the three General English Exams (B1 Preliminary, B2 First, C1 Advanced)

Using the procedures from the website or similar ones, we will analyse your exam in detail. You will learn the best way to maximise your score.

We will work on your weakness and your strengths.

We will adapt your writing to match the exam requirements.

We will plan, prepare and practice the speaking test

Business English Newspaper

Business English 

Online £50 per hour. A2 – C1

Would you like expert help with your Business English from the BEC Exam Guide? 

Job Interview Preparation  

Online £50 per hour. A2 – C1

Would you like expert help with your Job Interview Preparation from the BEC Exam Guide? 

Here are some examples of what you can study:

Increase your business vocabulary both formal and informal.

Improve your fluency and speaking for meetings, and presentations.

Develop your writing skills – write emails, reports and proposals.

Refresh your grammar and use it in specific situations, for example, negotiating with conditionals.

Practice and improve your listening skills: meetings, phone calls, problems and informal situations.

Applying for a job in English?

We can improve or rewrite your CV, cover letter, and personal profile to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

I can develop your interview skills in English, providing you with the vocabulary and practice to answer fluently and confidently.

How it works

  1. Choose what type of lessons you would like.
  2. Choose what time you would like your lessons.
  3. Contact me at
  4. We’ll arrange our first lesson (£15 pounds only), and I’ll send you some detailed questions about what you want.
  5. We’ll have our first lesson to meet, discuss and plan your course (number of lessons, times, total price, payment.)

Prices and Payment


1 lesson = £50

10 lessons = £45 x 10

20 lessons = £40 x 20 

Payment can be made by Stripe and in advance.

Cancellation policy

All lessons not attended or cancelled less than 36 hours in advance will be charged.

Regular Availability

Monday: 8am to 2pm CET

Tuesday  8am to 3pm CET

Wednesday 8am to 11pm CET

Thursday 8am to 2 pm CET

Friday 8am to 2pm CET

Possible extra availability

Monday 4pm – 6pm CET

Wednesday 12pm – 6pm CET

Friday 4pm – 5pm CET